Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sassy's Christmas

Here is another Christmas Kit that I made..

I called it Sassy's Christmas

I really what to thank Gold Dust(aka Golden) and Peace Creations
They have taught me so much this year.. They taught me how to make a scrapkit and the do's and 
the don't.. They even try teaching me how to make CU items but has you can see
I don't have a section for that cause I'm soooo very bad at it 

I love you girls 

I really hope you like this kit.. I worked hard on it and I love Christmas..
I like making scrapkits using lot's of elements, this way it gives you a lot to choose from when
making a tag...

If you make tags using Sassy's Christmas, I would love to see it.. I will also post it here on my
blog... Please send them to

Sassy's Christmas...

You can get it HERE